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June 23, 2011

Picture Time!

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Life isn’t all about the house these days.  We have been keeping busy with all sorts of non-house related things, mostly just spending time together as a family at the lake.  Boy Emma sure does love going there, she is constantly talking about going out on the boat and asking to drive the boat.  I guess she is still a lake kid.  Last summer we purchased a two seat bike trailer in anticipation of taking family bike rids together, we never really found a good opportunity to use it until last weekend.  Emma had a blast riding in the trailer, she kept yelling ‘faster! faster!’  I think she is going to be into extreme sports some day. :p

I did mention it was picture time, so here are a couple of pictures from Emma’s 2 year shots along with our family picture.

June 16, 2011

So much progress in so few days…..

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I haven’t posted for a few days, we have just been so busy having fun and watching the progress on the house.  So far our contractor has been fantastic, things are moving along so quickly.  He is also giving us some good design and color advice.  I keep telling him that his opinion is welcome (not that we will necessarily do everything he says), it’s not like we build houses every day and know what does and does not look good.  So far last week we made decisions about doorknobs and light fixtures oh and the front door.  Doesn’t that all just sound super exciting?  Mostly it’s just exciting for us.  So anyway here are some updated pictures.  Enjoy.

Day 10: basement is sealed and window wells are installed

Day 14: radiant heat installed
Day 14: radiant heat installed
Day 15: Rebar in place for garage floor
Day 15: Power float finishing basement floor
Day 15: the basement floor is done
Day 15: the driveway is all ready to pour, but we don’t think it looks quite right so they are going to fix it.
Day 16: cutting out section of curb for driveway
Day 17: They fixed our driveway, now it doesn’t look so strange, hoping they pour it tomorrow

June 6, 2011

Day 5

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We assumed that nothing would happen on our house over the weekend, but when we stopped by on Sunday morning on our way to the park we had a bit of a surprise waiting for us.  The basement walls are up, drain tile is installed, pea rock is in the basement and the sides of the walls have been sealed.  It’s amazing to me how quickly things have been happening, I am sure there will be some where it doesn’t look like anything has been done. When Joe and I first saw the excavation we started worrying about how small the house was going to be, we both know in our heads that it isn’t small, but it looked small even after the walls were poured.  Now that all the forms are off though and we have been getting a much closer look at things there are no concerns about the size.

The basement

Joe and Emma

June 4, 2011

Day 4

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In just four days we went from having a lot with nothing in it to a basement dug out and walls poured.  It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

Basement walls poured

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