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September 9, 2011

What a difference a little over two years makes….

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Emma 6 days old in Dad's hard hat.

Emma 2 years 4 months in Dad's hard hat.

August 18, 2011

The house is really coming along

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The past few weeks has been full of accomplishments at the house, unfortunately it isn’t easy to see them in pictures.  All of the wiring, electrical, plumbing and insulation is done. This week the sheetrock is going in, it’s really starting to look like a house.  Attached are a few pictures of the recent progress.

We have a bathtub!

Water Heater

A fireplace!

Emma helping Joe with the wiring

July 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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Joe and I have been busy making final decisions on some of the house stuff.  Things we thought we had figured out months ago now need to be looked at again and finalized.  So far we are 100% certain on all flooring (carpet, linoleum and hardwood floors), tile shower (picked out tile and designed the shower), trim (I couldn’t believe that would be such a difficult decision), and we finally found countertops we like.  Chris (our contractor) sent us to Brenda at the Carpet Mill Club to pick out our flooring, she was great help.  We went in there not really knowing what we wanted and had the carpet and linoleum picked out within an hour of our first visit and had picked out tile and designed our shower within about 45 minutes of the second visit.  Not too bad!  Before we started all this I didn’t realize you had to design a shower, it’s not just about picking out tile.  You have to decide if you want a decorative border and what direction you want the tile laid.  It’s not an easy task thats for sure, but I think we will be very happy with what we have decided

Even though we are building a house we aren’t letting that take over our lives. We have involved Emma in almost every step of the house building process.  She walks through the job site with us and sometimes comes shopping with us for house stuff, but for the most part we try to do as much as possible while she is in school so that we can spend most free time just playing at the lake with her.  It’s so nice to have our lake place to go to on the weekends this summer, we can just forget about the house for a couple of days and enjoy our time as a family relaxing on the lake.  Emma spends all week talking about how she plans to ‘jump off the boat’ or how ‘daddy fall in the water’ (Joe fell a couple of times his first time wakeboarding this year), when she gets out to the lake the following weekend.  Needless to say she enjoys being ‘on the boat’.

July 21, 2011

52 days since we started

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I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since we started the house!  Time sure does fly by.  Things were on hold for a couple of weeks due to the 4th of July and some seriously bad weather, but we are right on track now.  Last Thursday all there was on our lot was a concrete basement and a driveway, now it’s starting to look like a house!  Our contractor is doing an awesome job keeping us informed and helping us make some decisions.

The driveway is completed

July 15 (Day 46) Getting the basement prepped for the subfloor to go in.

July 15, floor joists being delivered

July 18, Subfloor installed

July 18, Subfloor installed

July 19, Walls!!!

July 19, Walls!!!

July 20, more walls!

July 21, view from the back, walls are all up and the roof is almost done.

July 21, view from the master bedroom.

July 21, the basement

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