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November Update

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Joe and Brigitte Dancing

Updates on our lives: 

Now that the lake season is officially over, we have decided that it’s high time we update our website, so feel free to look around and check out some of the changes we have made.

 Every time we speak to friends and family they ask how the adoption is going.  So far, we don’t have any news and need to just continue being patient. 

 While we wait, Joe and I have decided to start working on the house again.   So, starting soon, we will be up to our elbows in paint.  I can’t wait to show off the house when we are done!   For this year, I think we’ll have to settle with finishing the upstairs.  Keep an eye out for before and after pictures! 

We’ve also started putting together the “baby room”.   Since we’ve never had a kid before, we (well I) am researching everything I can and trying to figure out what we need versus what we want.   We’re trying not to get everything at once because when we meet our child we want to be able to personalize the room specifically for that new little person that will live there!   So mostly I am just making lists, because I am a dork and really like making lists.

 I also decided to learn how to knit this fall.  We’ll see how well that turns out!  I’ve started a 3 week class on knitting and I am hoping to try a project of my own one of these days. 

Joe has been traveling for work quite a bit this fall, but he should be done with that until after the first of the year.  Some of the places he goes to a lot are:  India, Korea, Japan, Mexico and Chicago.  He has no problem keeping busy!  He is going to start training  for the annual Fargo Half Marathon  soon.    Plus, he’s itching to get out and go snowboarding again.  I’m trying very hard to get him snowboarding more than once this year.  Poor guy generally only finds time to go once a year!

 Other than that, no major trips planned for this year.   We are just hanging out around the house and spending time with friends and family.   For instance this weekend we are hoping to go to the casino with my grandfather.  (ah quality time)  ;)  

That’s about it, so please keep us in your thoughts and we’ll try to keep everybody updated on the adoption.  In fact I will try very hard to keep the website updated.



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3 Responses to “November Update”

  1. Shannon says:

    Hi. Comments are good. :P

  2. Shannon says:

    Dear Joe,
    Nice updates to the site. It’s looking good! :)

  3. Jean says:

    So glad you updated your blog. I keep thinking of you and am hoping the wait will soon be over! We are so excited for you both!

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