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We are still high and dry

by @ Saturday, March 28th, 2009. Filed under Flood 2009

My parents are in the safe zone as far as the flood is concerned my sister-in-law and her family are in evacuation zone 4 and we are in evacuation zone 6.  So far our house has been unaffected by the flood.  I did manage to get all of our basement drains plugged up yesterday and I packed a bag”just in case”.  But I am cautiously optimistic that we won’t have to go anywhere. 

Poor Joe hopped on a plane in India yesterday afternoon and won’t be back until late this evening, this has been one of the hardest business trips he has been on yet.  So right now we are just on hold waiting to see what happens.  We will certainly update as soon as there is anything concrete to tell.  I hope everyone else is managing to stay dry.

We are still dry

by @ Thursday, March 26th, 2009. Filed under update

Just to give you a quick update….our house is still dry.  Many of our friends both in Fargo and Bismarck have either evacuated their homes or are considering doing so.  As of right now I am still in my house, if we would need to evacuate I would be one of the last people to do so.  Joe is currently in India and I have been trying to help the flood efforts in any way that I can.  For the most part I have been delivering food and water to the Fargo Dome and the animal shelter.  It is wonderful to see our entire town and surrouding communities come together to help out with the flood effort.  I am hopeful that all of the time and effort will really pay off. 

Please keep us all in your thoughts and we will try to keep you updated as well.

Keeping the fingers crossed…….

by @ Monday, March 23rd, 2009. Filed under update

That the baby isn’t born this week.  Joe left for India yesterday (Sunday) and he won’t be home until Saturday night.  That is assuming his plane is on time (that rarely happens).  So anytime after he gets home the baby can be born.

So What’s happening with the adoption you may ask? Well………

by @ Friday, March 20th, 2009. Filed under Adoption, update

Joe and I are pleased to announce that sometime between now and May 19 we will be parents!  We were very excited when we found out a couple wanted to meet with us and they asked us on the spot to parent their child.  So all the information we are currently giving out is…….

It’s a GIRL!!!  She isn’t born yet, but we are expecting she will be born sometime in the next month or so.  Yes, we do have a name all picked out, but we aren’t telling anyone just yet.

Other than that, we will all have to wait until she is born for the rest.  We will of course update as soon as we have any more news, and will try to answer any questions that anyone has…..

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