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Getting Prepared

by @ Saturday, January 10th, 2009. Filed under Adoption

Many parents have 9 months to prepare for their baby’ homecoming, however, with adoption we just don’t know how long we will have.  We could have as much as 12 weeks or as little as 1 day to get ready for a baby to come home.  Because of the uncertainty, and the length of time it takes to order furniture, we have been preparing our baby room with some of the bigger essentials such as a crib and dresser/changing table.   We will soon be getting a glider to give us somewhere to sit in the baby’s room.

Brigitte’s parents gave us a moses basket for Christmas and we’ve already incorporated that into the room.  Also, we now have a place to put all of the stuffed animals that we have been collecting since our honeymoon in anticipation of starting a family.


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