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Fargo Marathon

by @ Friday, May 15th, 2009. Filed under update

I have been meaning to write a short race report for the Fargo Marathon for a few days, but haven’t quite gotten to it yet. So here goes.

I ran the half marathon again this year, and despite not getting in as much training as last year, my performance was much better. Unlike last year’s race that involved a lot of running and walking, I was able to run this year’s race without walking until I hit a wall at 11.8 miles. I tried to run the rest of the race as much as possible, but I walked about 50% of the rest of the race. Before that I was running a 9 minute/mile pace according to my GPS.

Even though I didn’t quite meet my goal of finishing in under 2 hours, I am still very happy with the results. I set a new personal record by over 15 minutes!

2008:    2:18:50 finish, 10:36 pace, lots of walking

2009:    2:02:35 finish, 9:22 pace, very little walking

If I am able to settle into a good training regimen, I intend to run a full marathon this fall, most likely in Bismarck. I also plan on running at least one more 1/2 marathon this year, and will hopefully shatter the 2 hour goal that has been eluding me.

Here’s a picture at around 6 miles in, still looking good. (I’m 11837, and my friend Dan is 13648)

Joe and Dan Marathon 2009

Just finished the Fargo 1/2 Marathon!!!

by @ Saturday, May 9th, 2009. Filed under update

Ran faster than I ever have before. Just finished the half marathon … now off to celebrate!

Happy Easter

by @ Sunday, April 12th, 2009. Filed under update

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful Easter!

Think Snow!

by @ Tuesday, March 10th, 2009. Filed under update

We’ve been socked with another bout of snowy weather today. Almost everything here is closed. We are both home for the day and are (im)patiently waiting out the storm. We will be busy with the shovels and snowblowers tomorrow.

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